Horse race betting has become increasingly popular with the rise of online gambling platforms offering the best Singapore horse racing odds. Now that it has become widely available, more players are getting into the hobby.

Betting on horse races is easy to learn and rewarding with potentially hefty winnings. If you want to explore horse race betting, you should understand the terms used in the sport to help you navigate the hobby more comfortably.


Odds are probably the most recognizable term as it is a term used in betting events. These represent the probability of the horse winning the event. They can be expressed as fractions or decimals.

A horse’s odd also indicates how much you should bet to profit. For example, if the odds of a horse winning a race are 3/1, a player must bet $1 to win $3 if the horse wins. 

Understanding odds is essential to successful horse race betting, as they can help determine the potential payouts and risks associated with a particular bet.


In any sporting event, there will be favourites. These are contenders that are perceived to have a high chance of winning. In horse racing, it can be the horse with a great track record or an advantage against other horses. 

Since they are what the bookmakers see as the best choice for the race, their win is not guaranteed. Favourites also often have lower payouts compared to horses with lower odds. 


The opposite of a favourite is a longshot. Longshots are horses perceived to have a low probability of winning the race. Typically, they offer much higher payouts than favourites, but they are also considered to be riskier.

Betting on longshots can be a great strategy for experienced players willing to take on more risk in exchange for potentially higher payouts.


Handicap races are horse racing where each horse is assigned a weight to carry during the race. The weight is determined by the horse’s age, sex, form, and other factors. 

The purpose of handicapping is to level the playing field so that all horses have an equal chance of winning the race. Betting on handicap races can be challenging, as the weight assigned to each horse can significantly impact the race’s outcome.

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