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The Basics – GPI Lottery Game Rules

There are various games available to play from the W88 Lottery games.

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For GPI Lottery Game Rules, read more below.

> The game has four categories: First Prize, First 3 Digits, Last 3 Digits, and 2 Digit.

> You can choose from bets such as Exact 3, Any 3, Any 2, Any 1, BSOE, and Lucky Animals.

> Choose your lucky number and predict the last digit of the result.

> A set of digits from 0 to 9 has been drawn on each category.

> Exciting payout can collect from each draw.

> Draw frequency is three minutes or 180 seconds.

The bet types at GPI Lottery.

  • Exact 3 – choosing a number in exact order from 000-999.
  • Any 3 – selecting a 3-digit number in any order from 000-999.
  • Exact 2 – similar to Exact 3 but the only 2-digit number 00-99.
  • Any 1 – choosing 1-digit number
  • Big Small Odd Even (BSOE) – depending on the sum of 3 last digits.

            Big → if more than 13.

            Small → if less than or equal to 13.

            Odd → if the sum is an odd number.

            Even → if the sum is an even number.

  • Lucky Animals – for this bet depends on the sum of the last three-digit.
  • Fish Shrimp Crab – this bet is based on the last digits’ pattern.

                        Fish → (triple) 00.0, 111, 222, 333, and so on.

                        Shrimp → (any pair) 022, 202, 220

                        Crab → (last 2 pair) 022, 200

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Conclusion for W88 Lottery Games

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