Online poker has exploded in popularity over the last two decades. The ability to play poker anytime, anywhere against players from around the world has led to millions of people playing online. You want to play at sites with the most traffic and the softest competition. The best sites attract lots of recreational players who are there to have fun, not grind out a living. The more “fish” or weak players in the player pool, the better.

Master proper bankroll management

You want to play at limits that allow 100 big blinds or 200 big blinds for cash games. For tournaments, have at least 20-30 buy-ins ready so you can survive the variance. It’s better to start small and move up over time than to play at stakes too big for your bankroll and go broke. Rebuild your stack when you take losses. Proper bankroll management will keep you in action. While poker involves luck in the short term, over time it’s a game of skill. Learning basic strategy concepts will give you an edge. Study hand rankings and the odds of hitting different hands. Master the fundamentals of betting, raising, calling, and folding. Know when to hold ’em and when to fold’em based on your position and the board texture. Use pot odds to determine when to chase draws.

Find soft table selection

Table selection goes hand in hand with finding the right poker sites. Look for tables with recreational players who like to limp and call too much. Sitting with solid, thinking players is generally not profitable in the long run. Study other players’ stats to find weaknesses you exploit. Move tables or games when you spot juicy targets. Don’t just sit down and play mindlessly. Smart table selection sets you up for success. Once you find a soft table, adopt a tight but aggressive playing style. Only play strong starting hands from early positions like big pairs, AK, AQ, etc. Play more hands in the late position when you have a position on opponents and control the action post-flop. Bet aggressively for value with your best-made hands. Bluff is sparingly against calling stations but adds some unpredictability. Tighten up when players start paying too much attention to your play 와우포커 머니상. The TAG style maximizes profit in softer games.

Take notes on opponents

Studying your opponents and taking notes gives you valuable reads. Pay attention to players’ tendencies like 3-betting light, calling too often, folding to aggression, etc. Make notes directly on the poker client or use tracking software. Refer to these notes before big hands to gain an edge. If a player-only continuation bets the flop 50% of the time, you exploit that. Opponent weaknesses won’t become obvious right away but note-taking pays off long-term. Emotional control is vital in poker since you have wild swings day to day. Don’t go on tilt and make poor decisions after bad beats or downswings. Similarly, don’t get overconfident and reckless during upswings. Play calmly and rationally at all times. Emotions cause leaks that cost money. Remember results orient around the long run. Accept variance and focus on making +EV decisions consistently. This mentality translates to profits.